A commute like no other

I'm currently living in the village of Bishop's Frome, just a hop, skip and a jump from the bakery. Thankfully this means I get to keep up my cycle commute, but gone are the days of the congested, death defying, fume-filled roads of London. Instead, my first cycle saw me set out on my lamp-lit street at 3:50am, turning out of the road into a wall of pitch black, with open fields on either side and not a car in sight.

Slightly unnerved and feeling a little dis-oriented, I looked around in an effort to calm my over-active imagination and found myself to be lucky enough to be cycling beneath a beautiful clear, star-filled sky. All fears of giant beasts jumping out from the bushes were allayed by this most wonderful sight. Though I did then nearly fall off my bike as I kept a look out for shooting stars!

After the thick fog a few weeks ago (which saw me glued to the white lines in the middle of the road for my guiding light) I've now invested in a head torch, so even on the darkest of nights I can make my way just about clearly to the bakery - though this does mean Pete is greeted by a dalek each morning!