What our customers have said about our bread...

"Have recently discovered your fantastic bread. Bought some on Saturday and we couldn't wait to try more! Feel very lucky Catley is close enough to the Hop Pocket to become regular customers. Will spread the word - your bread is too special for anyone to miss out on!" Jane, Catley

"Just to say I bought your sourdough in Ledbury this week and thought it was seriously fantastic. No stockists listed as far south as the Forest of Dean. Will have to travel but not nearly as far in miles and time to the old woman in Matour France. Memories evoked by bread, raspberry jam and creme fraiche. Thank you." Elizabeth, Forest of Dean

"Lovely bread. Bought three loaves at Flavours of Herefordshire Festival today. Cider Crumb, Sunshine Breakfast Loaf and the Ledbury Baguette. Eaten almost all already. That good!!!" Pamela, Hereford

"I bought a Ledbury Loaf from The Farm Shop at The Hop Pocket in Bishops Frome and I can honestly say it was one of the best loaves of bread I have ever eaten!" Jamie, Kidderminster

"Its great to see some real bread in this area at last! Over Worcester way there's very little real bread and we've had to travel far and wide to get the good stuff :-) I picked up a couple of ledbury loafs earlier today from the hop pocket farm shop. The smell and taste is amazing and really competitively priced too. Can't wait to taste the other varieties." Lee, Worcester

"Enjoyed my first Ledbury Loaf from Legges of Bromyard yesterday - it was fab, thank you! My mouth was watering just cutting it...!!!! Can't wait to try the Chelsea Buns next!!" Bert, Bromyard

"Fab breakfast sarnie with @porkandtwoveg bacon on @PeterCooksbread Ledbury Loaf... brightening up a miserable morning! pic.twitter.com/o6JCXXjGlg" @OverdineFarm